Will they pass? Marijuana legalization initiatives are on the ballot in Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota.

Will 2020 continue the momentum of the 2016 election?

Photo by Richard T on Unsplash

New Jersey

New Jersey was the first state (mid-December, 2019) to guarantee that the November ballot would contain a cannabis legalization initiative.


This election is a second attempt by Arizona cannabis advocates to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. In November 2016, Prop. 205 lost by a tiny margin with 48.7% of the votes in the “yes” category.


There will be two questions regarding cannabis on the November ballots in Montana, both leaning toward the same outcome. The first initiative is Montana C1–118, which calls for legislation to establish 21 years as the legal age for purchase, possession, and usage of cannabis.

South Dakota

South Dakota, also known at The Mount Rushmore State is set to make history come Nov. 3 as the first state to attempt to pass a recreational and medical cannabis initiative simultaneously.


Mississippians voting on a two-part medical marijuana initiative in November will be able to vote for “either measure” or “neither measure” on their ballot. A second will ask whether the voter is in favor of Initiative 65 or Alternative 65A.

Pace “Pachi” LaVia is a freelance researcher/writer specializing in the burgeoning cannabis industry, as well as science and future technology.

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