Are we going to call digital possessions NFTs for all of eternity? Please. No.

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When BTC approaches a market cap of $2 trillion, that’s when the real fun begins.

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Is mining BTC similar to owning a Golden Goose? Or is it not worth the corn feed?

Video and audio streaming blockchains let content creators, producers, and music artists deal directly with the public. And it’s working.

Answers to frequently asked questions about making music NFTs on

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Coinbase to launch NFT market, NBA Top Shots to branch into NFL, and more.

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Mint and sell NFTs on OpenSea right the first time.

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The technology produces carbon nanotubes and graphene making it so profitable, the “byproduct” — H2 — could be given away for free.

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As Bitcoin hovers around $45,000, BTC is threatening to consolidate until some new blood comes along.

Pace E. LaVia

Pace LaVia is a freelance reporter specializing in cryptocurrency, renewable energy, future tech, and the cannabis industry.

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