There are a few obstacles ahead before we hit the open road again.

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It’s looking more and more like the Bitcoin bulls will be vindicated. We’re coming out of the tunnel and it will soon be in the rearview mirror. A little patience could pay off.

This is not investment advice. And I’m the furthest thing from a financial advisor. I’m just a guy who loves staring at charts for hours on end. Think of this as just one tiny piece of your research.

I think I’m one of the few Bitcoiners I know who saw the spring downturn coming. The RSI on the weekly chart was just insane!

3D printing is coming. And it‘s not gonna be pretty — at first.

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3D printing will do for everyday things what computers did for documents, audio, and video — make them sharable without having to manufacture, package, and ship them. 3D printed objects will be modest at first. But we’ll quickly advance to the seemingly impossible.

The quality of just about everything humans make has been on the rise for more than a century. That is up until computers came along.

Ironically, the computer revolution, albeit a boon for mankind, actually brought with it a reduction in the quality of media.

And very soon a similar reduction in quality is about to befall…

Is mining BTC similar to owning a Golden Goose? Or is it not worth the corn feed?

To mine or not to mine your own bitcoin, that is today’s question.

You’ve heard the saying, “mind your own business.” How about changing that to “mine your own bitcoin,” instead? You could make money while you literally mind your own business (in the figurative sense). Right?

That’s the perception. What’s the reality?

The question on the minds of many Bitcoin curious types are:

  • Can I mine my own bitcoin at home?
  • What kind of equipment do I need to mine bitcoin?
  • How much bitcoin can I mine?
  • What does it cost to mine bitcoin?
  • Can I mine bitcoin on…

When all is said and done, it’s the miners that decide the direction of Bitcoin.

Who is pulling the strings behind the Bitcoin curtain?

Bitcoin is the most revolutionary technology developed since the internet came into being. It’s called a blockchain. Some would argue that it’s the greatest advance since the invention of money, itself.

The Bitcoin blockchain is an autonomous, “robotic,” digital ledger system that records all transactions in an immutable and unhackable fashion — without human intervention.

A couple of posts back, I talked about the strange but true fact that no one really knows who created Bitcoin, this marvel of human ingenuity that’s bound to change humanity.

This leads me to the…

Video and audio streaming blockchains let content creators, producers, and music artists deal directly with the public. And it’s working.

If you’re a writer, content creator, musician, or artist, all I can say is, what a time to be alive! We’re making money hand over fist! Well, some of us at least. But the numbers are climbing speedily as more and more artists take advantage of platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and myriad others.

Yes. A non-trivial percentage of the population of content creators is, indeed, eeking out a living. Meanwhile, however, Google, which owns YouTube, is one of the richest companies on Earth with a valuation approaching $2 trillion.

What if the trillions of dollars in value were to…

The nature of cryptocurrency technology and its myriad uses

Q: What Is Cryptocurrency?

A: Cryptocurrency is digital money.

Let’s start with “what is currency?” Currency is any form of money. The U.S. dollar is a currency. Most countries on Earth have their own currency. Mexico has pesos, China has the yuan, Italy has the lyra, Britain has the pound, and so on.

All of these currencies offer paper banknotes and metal coins. Collectively we call these fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency can be thought of simply as digital money. Unlike all of the fiat currencies mentioned above, cryptocurrency does not utilize paper notes or coins. There is no physical thing called a bitcoin.

Digital money is nothing new. Fiat money…

No one seems to know for certain who created Bitcoin.

Q: Who created Bitcoin?

A: The identity of the creator of Bitcoin remains a mystery.

No one knows for sure who created Bitcoin. The creator of one of the most transformational technologies in human history has somehow remained anonymous.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the creator of Bitcoin. Presumably, Nakamoto is one person. However, there is a possibility, albeit slight, that Bitcoin was developed not by one person but by a small group of developers.

Nakamoto went to great lengths to preserve anonymity. A handful of people have either come forward and claimed to be Nakamoto or are suspected to be Nakamoto. …

PV current can be increased by a factor of 10 when three different materials are arranged in a layered lattice.

Photo by Chelsea on Unsplash

According to lead author Yeseul Yun, a Ph.D. student at MLU:

“We embedded the barium titanate between strontium titanate and calcium titanate. This was achieved by vaporizing the crystals with a high-power laser and redepositing them on carrier substrates. This produced a material made of 500 layers that is about 200 nanometres thick.”

When the layered panel is irradiated with laser light, the current produced is up to 1,000 times stronger than that produced from a conventional solar panel. Moreover, the effect appears to be quite robust and remained constant over the course of six months.

“The layer structure shows…

Bitcoin is an internet bank that’s “owned” by its users.

Q: What is Bitcoin:

A: Bitcoin is a computer program that runs the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is a computer program that runs on the internet and is distributed across a network of thousands of computers around the world.

  • When a program runs on one computer it can be thought of as being centralized to that computer.
  • When a program runs on a network of several computers, via the internet, the operation is considered to be distributed.
  • When a program is run by a network of computers that are owned by several different parties, the program is said to be decentralized.

The U.S. dollar, the world’s most used currency, is regulated by the U.S. government. The…

Pace E. LaVia

Pace LaVia is a freelance reporter specializing in cryptocurrency, renewable energy, future tech, and the cannabis industry.

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