Are we going to call digital possessions NFTs for all of eternity? Please. No.

Look. We all know it’s true. Someone has to say it. I’ll step up. “NFT” is an awful alias for digital possessions. If we don’t dislodge this meme before it’s too late, future generations uncounted will be stuck with “NFT.”

I’m a marketing and advertising veteran turned crypto advocate. I…

When BTC approaches a market cap of $2 trillion, that’s when the real fun begins.

BTC price breaking through the $100,000 ceiling and hitting a $2 trillion market cap will pave the way for mass adoption and large institutional investment. Follow me for more valuable crypto content.

The Bitcoin network really hasn’t been around very long — about 12 years. …

Is mining BTC similar to owning a Golden Goose? Or is it not worth the corn feed?

To mine or not to mine your own bitcoin, that is today’s question.

You’ve heard the saying, “mind your own business.” How about changing that to “mine your own bitcoin,” instead? You could make money while you literally mind your own business (in the figurative sense). Right?

That’s the perception…

Mad Labs offers tips for finding great vape cartridges

We love our vapes! Cannabis vape pens are becoming more and more popular by the day for their variety of flavors and formulas, ease of use, and discrete form factor. Another selling point is pre-filled vape cartridges eliminate the need for all the paraphernalia that comes with smoking and dabbing…

The million-dollar Trump NFTs, big investors flood Into NFT market, Reddit jumps into the NFT ring, and more

This week in NFT news, hundreds of millions of dollars are flooding into NFT market projects while Reddit searches for NFT engineers. Also, Creatd launches a million-dollar Donald Trump NFT collection, plus much more including NFT video news.

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Coinbase to launch NFT market, NBA Top Shots to branch into NFL, and more.

NFTs have been seeing a drop in interest over the past month or so. What are viewed as “blue-chip collections” were especially sagging last week. Could this be a sign that the whales have overfilled their bags? Or, as some crypto analysts theorize, do NFTs wane when crypto prices are…

Pace E. LaVia

Pace LaVia is a freelance reporter specializing in cryptocurrency, renewable energy, future tech, and the cannabis industry.

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